Sunday, December 23, 2012

Happy holidays


I've been a bit slow doing any hobby related stuff. Just a quick brush stroke or airbrushing here and there and nothing really gets finished. But I've got something in the works so stay tuned :)

In the meantime... 



Friday, November 9, 2012

Cryx withershadow combine started


I've managed to get the combine to a stage I can actually tell people about :)

The basic priming method I use normally is: airbrushing black on the whole model, then mid grey at a 45 degree angle and then white nearly at 90 degrees. Here I primed them first with grey spray paint because I'm trying to get the can empty. Then it was just the white from top angle.

Maelstrom games is no more....

Update: Pasted the info from them here

This notice is up on the site. Shame really.
And I still had a bit over a euro moneyback left...


Maelstrom Games Ltd. has ceased trading and will enter liquidation at some point over the next few months. 

A creditor of Maelstrom Games Ltd., Wayland Games Ltd., issued a Statutory Demand under section 123(1)(a) or 221(1)(a) of the Insolvency Act, 1986 on the 17th of October, 2012 for �99,773.61 plus costs of issuing and serving the demand. 

This debt was purchased from Simple Miniature Games by Wayland Games Ltd on the 1st of October, 2012 and payment of this debt was demanded in full by Wayland Games after seven days had elapsed. Unfortunately, Maelstrom Games Ltd. could not pay Wayland Games Ltd. this debt in full within those seven days. 

Previous to the debt purchase, Maelstrom Games Ltd. was servicing the debt owed to Simple Miniature Games at the rate of �500 per working day, claimed by the creditor when convenient for him by charging a credit card owned by Maelstrom Games Ltd., which had been occurring since mid-June and continued to late September, the last payment being taken on the 25th. Maelstrom Games Ltd. did not cancel these payments and were not aware that this debt was being transferred. 

Maelstrom Games Ltd. offered to pay the debt purchased by Wayland Games Ltd. in the same manner as it had paid Simple Miniature Games, but this was not taken up by Wayland Games Ltd. 

Maelstrom Games Ltd. can only apologise to those customers whose orders have not been fulfilled as it is now impossible for Maelstrom Games Ltd. to fulfil them, excepting those for Mierce Miniatures products (fulfilled by Mierce Miniatures in November) and Battlefront Miniatures products (fulfilled by Maelstrom Games in partnership with Battlefront Miniatures and Maunsfeld Gaming in November), all of which will be sent by Maelstrom Games Ltd. Other customer orders for certain ranges may be fulfilled in the future and any customers whose orders can be fulfilled will be contacted by Maelstrom Games in due course. 

All creditors will be issued the relevant notices by the assigned Insolvency Practitioner when Maelstrom Games Ltd. enters liquidation."

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Getting the groove on with #100


As the title so subtly put it, I'm getting into the groove again. Slowly but surely. And as it happens this is my 100th contribution to the community via this blog. Hope you've enjoyed my humble struggle with tons of tin. And pain too :)

So I've managed to do some painting after and between my meetings with the knife. Here I'll just dump the photos out. I wish I could tell you a bit more how I painted the minis, but I did them in so tiny bits over a long period of time that I honestly can't remember in that much detail.

Oh and for people lurking around Twitter. Look up #warmongers. It's steadily growing hobbyist community there.

Warning: A pic heavy long post up ahead :)

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Surgery #2 done


Thank you everyone for the kind support I've received via comments. I really appreciate it.

But, I'm writing this from the hospital bed. As it turned out the 1st surgery didn't help and I had another one yesterday. Let's hope this one will do it :) Gonna be one more day here and them back home.  I won't be blogging much but rest assured that I'm closely following your blogs out there. Keep the posts coming so I have something to read and pass the time :)

Naturally I did not manage to put a lot of effort on the hobby side during the 3 months recovering at home, but at least I got something done: Rust tests for the bane thralls.


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Back surgery tomorrow


So it has finally come down to the surgery option. After half a year of somewhat constant back pain, I'm going under the knife.

Hope everything goes well.
Wish me luck! Cheers!

Bane thrall teaser here before inevitable break:

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Painting legion of Everblight carnivean


Here's the legion of Everblight battle box carnivean I finished up. I think this scheme, which resembles the PP studio scheme, works quite nicely, so I'm going to use it across all of my legion beasts.
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