Friday, November 9, 2012

Cryx withershadow combine started


I've managed to get the combine to a stage I can actually tell people about :)

The basic priming method I use normally is: airbrushing black on the whole model, then mid grey at a 45 degree angle and then white nearly at 90 degrees. Here I primed them first with grey spray paint because I'm trying to get the can empty. Then it was just the white from top angle.

Then the cloack was just airbrush work from dark to light shades of grey with a touch of green added to the mix. I wanted to achieve a nice base coat with a slight highlight near the edges.

Onto the brush work. The armor got a nice coat of VMA silver followed by a Army Painter (AP) dark tone wash to get the details out in the open. Bronze parts were done with VGC brassy brass with a AP strong tone wash. Nice replacements for the GW's old workhorses devlan mud and badab black.

I decided to add some contrast to the greyish scheme with a red spot color for the cloak. I just had a couple of coats of thinned down GW mechrite red. I will be working on that and the rest of the cloak next.

I'd like to also point out these excellent miniature holders by Stephan Rath. I got these during the summer but  because of obvious reasons I've just managed to properly test them out. And man... are they just the tool for a mini painter. You can have a firm grip on the mini even in the most bizarre positions. The metal grip turns 360 degrees providing a full coverage over the mini. The cork in the middle provides a nice way to attach models onto it. Blue tack works too.

The only thing I can imagine what might go wrong is if you have pinned a mini after a mini to the cork... I might get too fragile over time to hold the model in place. But that remains to be seen.

Excellent product I would say! Go get yours in a couple of months from Stephan. I know I will get more for myself :)


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