Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Getting the groove on with #100


As the title so subtly put it, I'm getting into the groove again. Slowly but surely. And as it happens this is my 100th contribution to the community via this blog. Hope you've enjoyed my humble struggle with tons of tin. And pain too :)

So I've managed to do some painting after and between my meetings with the knife. Here I'll just dump the photos out. I wish I could tell you a bit more how I painted the minis, but I did them in so tiny bits over a long period of time that I honestly can't remember in that much detail.

Oh and for people lurking around Twitter. Look up #warmongers. It's steadily growing hobbyist community there.

Warning: A pic heavy long post up ahead :)

Let's start with some bane thralls and UA.

They're finished apart from the base arc. I did some freehand too on the banner. The rust effect is done with pigments and Modelmates' Rust effect. Great stuff!

I also did some OSL glowing for the eyes and the holes in the back (I didn't assemble the spikes).

What I'm not particularly happy with is the patina on the gold parts. I think I didn't thin it enough or something else. Might actually try a custom patina wash next time.

Next up: Space wolves thundewolf cavalry

I finally fielded these on the table during the summer and they were awesome. Naturally I had to finish the paint job on them. It was fairly basic stuff mixing airbrushing, brush work and oil washes. The weapon options are magnetized, I just haven't had the time to assemble all of them. I'm really delighted how they turned out even though I botched the OSL on the bionic eyes.

The method for the power weapon effect I got from Hugo (Ichiban Painting) and Buypainted. Go check their Youtubing out.

Time for some Malifaux love

I recently started working on the Neverborn mature nephilim and I wanted to go for a wackier scheme. Here are the WIP pics for that. 

And lastly my quest for finding an easy and quick method for tons of Dark eldar minis

I saw GirlPainting's video of using Freak Flex tint paints. As it happens, the vid's about dark eldar too! :)
These below are a test run using the same method but with Vallejo's transparent green following a simple highlight with VMA Duck egg green. Of course the final peaces will have more on them, but this is just testing the method out. I'll post an update on this once I receive the Freak Flex paints myself. 

How do you like the results?

Phew.... That was a lengthy post. Hope to provide you with more reading in the near future.

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