Thursday, June 14, 2012

Painting legion of Everblight carnivean


Here's the legion of Everblight battle box carnivean I finished up. I think this scheme, which resembles the PP studio scheme, works quite nicely, so I'm going to use it across all of my legion beasts.

Let's start: First up the priming. I went with my regular priming technique, which is airbrushing black, grey and white, shooting the lighter colors in a steeper angle to achieve a zenithal highlighting on the model. This helps pick up the details nicely.

Then I laid down the base colors. Skin got a liberal GW Asurmen blue wash, not being too picky about the exactness of the application, cause I'd be going over it again fixing any mistakes. The rock bits, don't know what they are really called, received 3 layers of VGC Charred brown, to achieve a nice and even base. I use quite thin paint so I needed more coats, but the thicker the paint the more coverage one gets from it.

On to the head. Mix of VGC Gory red, VGC Dead white and VMC Royal purple was applied onto the gums. Can't really tell the exact ratios cause it was all laid down on a wet palette and after a few mins of vigorous mixing I got a base coat I liked. The tongue is basically from the same mixing pool without the white. I added more white to the mix for the initial highlights. Teeth were painted with VGC Bone white.

After all was dry I applied a wash of GW Devlan mud. Shame that the wash was scrapped during the range renewal.

The most tedious part of this model was the skin. I glazed a mix of GW Asurmen blue and VGC Dead white on the parts that would receive more light and left the original was in the crevices. Afterwards I went over the skin with just pure white glaze.

The glazing technique produces good results but at the same time is really time consuming. I'm considering skipping this stage in the next models and replace it with shooting the colors with an airbrush. We'll see how that'll turn out.

The pinkish parts of the skin were glazed with thinned down GW Baal red wash.

I drybrushed the rock / carapace first with VMC Dark flesh and then with  VGC Dwarf skin. Edge highlights were down with VGC Dwarf skin and VGC Bone white. All of these were washed with Les' wash recipe  Dark sepia to bring the colors together.

Then I decided to rework the mouth area a bit with VMC Pink, VGC Worm lord purple and VGC Dead white mixed in various ratios. I wanted to emphasize the head some more to make it stand out from the rest of the model.

I wanted to go with a winter theme with my legion models  so this is my first ever snow basing. I didn't even do a test model first (which I never do really ;) ) but went on and mixed some thinned down PVA glue with Gale Force 9 snow. That was applied on top of a white base washed with Badab black and Devlan mud and highlighted with VGC Stonewall grey and Dead white.

The snow mixture is kind of funny stuff. The mixture becomes quite thick and once you've applied it you can rework and sort of sculpt it to your heart's desire. I think my first snow base came out really good. Might do a bit less of it on the next ones.

The base ring's front arc was done the way I'm doing it for my Cryx. I'm really not sure about the colors yet though. Leaving it white goes with the cold, winter theme but with the blue's hue I'm not 100% sold.

What do you guys think? Too close to the Finnish flag colors? :)


This model was a blast to paint. I'm really looking forward to the rest of the legion models.



  1. badass! hope you're doing well! 

  2. What an awesome paint job! Beautiful! And also liked the tutorial.

  3. Thanks. I'm glad it's useful to others :)


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