Friday, June 1, 2012

Magnetizing: Legion of Everblight heavy warbeast kit - part #1


The above image is the metal one primed because I didn't have a striking image of the plastic kit to lead this post. This time my magnetizing project has a real purpose behind it. The kit consists of 3 warbeast configurations: Carnivean, Ravagore and Scythean. I'm including the new Dominion warbeast Proteus upgrade here as well.
I've assembled so many metal models that I didn't remember how different it is to work with plastic / plastic resin compared to metal. It's just so easy. Easy. Easy.

Plus with my new Tamiya drill (which needed to be assembled by the way) I can spare my hands from the hand operated pin vise.

Below is the kit spread out on the table. As you can see there are the bits for the lot. I'm using glue for the torso, legs and tail, which for some reason has 2 options for it. I'm gluing only one of them on permanently.

The recently acquired spring clamps are a blessing!

And let's not forget about the pinning.

I started the magnetizing with the heads. I drilled a deep enough hole on the torso to have the magnet sink in a bit. This way when the counter part on the head is protruded the head will have a nice 'snap' effect to it. This also serves well for the much heavier Proteus head with all those long tentacles.

I positioned the magnet a bit to the top side to have it sturdier and to fit in a support pin for the Proteus head  below it. I also pinned the Ravagore's flame but left it unglued for the purpose of painting.

The Proteus. Still missing the support pin.

Then I went ahed and did the arms. I removed the little knobs from the torso and inserted a magnet on both sides. 

TIP: Make sure the magnets for the arms are facing the same way (polarization) on left and right arm. 
Otherwise they end up pushing away from each other. 

The surface on the arms was quite uneven and the hole where the knob should've been glued to,  was irregular of shape so I just widened the hole there to fit a same sized magnet as on the torso and used green stuff to fill up the surrounding area.

I put a blob a GS in the hole, watered the magnet and pushed the shape onto the GS. Then I dried both parts and glued the magnet in.

Stay tuned for the second part.


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