Monday, June 11, 2012

Legion warbeast kit magnetizing part #2


This is the 2nd part of the Everblight heavy warbeast kit assebly. After I wrote the 1st part, I realized  that there wasn't much left to do with the kit so it feels kinda funny to have these in 2 parts, but here it is nevertheless. Enjoy:

I put in the support pin for the Proteus head. Here the placement of the pin is crucial. It has to be right on the spot or otherwise the head just won't slide in. When it's in place it's really sturdy and can withstand fair amount of handling. Word of warning with the tentacles: they're a pain in the arse to fit in properly. Just have patience with them. I almost did not.

After that it was just pinning the arms. What PP has done with them is that the holes for left and right arms are slightly different sizes so you know which arm goes to which shoulder. And the fit was perfect too. Nice touch.

Ravagore above.




Scythegorean :)

That's it for this one. Next up some greenstuff filling and off to the painting table. Which nicely brings me to this:

I managed to clean up my desk and reorganize it. I bought one painting station and two paint racks from Hobbyzone. I cannot recommend these enough. Awesome quality with relatively cheap price. There's a review of them over at Chest of Colors. Go and check it out.



  1. This is genius, and will be doing the same with my Legion beasties (when they arrive!).

    Lovely painting desk btw… one day.

  2. Thanks and yes, it's been hard to get them. I ordered 2 of the kits from Firestorm Games agaes ago and they had to split the order because of the kits. The other one is heading this way now too. 

  3. Oh, thanks for mentioning our review of the HobbyZone stuff. So you found these racks useful? I'm glad to know you agreed with our opinion about these.

    Enjoy painting!

  4. My pleasure. Yes they are extremely useful, keeps the desk organized and clean. Thanks for the review, wouldn't have noticed them otherwise. 

  5. Well done!
    I was thinking of doing this with my own dragonspawn kit. What size of magnets did you use?


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