Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Scaverous, Asphyxious and some Legion additions


The painting part of my hobby has been toned down a little lately since there's so much metal I have to get ready. New additions are pGaspy for Cryx and Striders UA and Typhon (yet to be assembled) for Legion of Everblight. I also finished the assembly of Scavvy.

Iron Lich Asphyxious

The alternate pGaspy is one cool looking model. The pose is awesome compared to the old sculpt. Me likes!


The Scavvy then. It didn't turn out to be easy to apply magnets all around. I tried and failed miserably.

I drilled, gnawed and milled. Put the magnets on. And just couldn't align them properly to hold the weight of the arms and scythe.

I had to really break down the arms to get the magnets out and prepare the good old pins. Took a lot of clean up with green stuff as well. The wrist areas were really torn apart.

This is what I ended up with. Both arms pinned to the scythe and magnetized to the torso. Not really to result I was hoping for, but then again this was sort of an experiment and I got valuable info about how and when I can actually use them.

I do like how he turned out. The plus side is also that I can paint it peace by peace not having any tough spots to reach with a brush.

Striders unit attachment

No magnets involving the striders UA. I pinned the Nyss longbows and that's it. I'm also experimenting using hot glue to attach the bases. Let's see how that turns out.


Parts washed and ready for cleaning and assembly.

Back to my metal. Cheers!

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