Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Lord Exhumator Scaverous: Assembling and magnetizing WIP #1


Yes. You read it right. I'm giving it a shot to fully (or at least partially) magnetize this latest Cryx warcaster. That mean I'm trying to apply magnets to pretty much every important bit. Let's see how it goes.

First the torso. I decided not to put magnets on the top exhausts and to the little arms on his chest. I did, however, on the arms and legs. My trusty Dremel worked extra hours on this one. The magnets I'm using here are just too big for the corresponding drill bit to fit to the Dremel. This means I'm using a smaller drill bit first and then a sort of a carving tool to widen the hole. Then it's just matter of GS to make it a tight fit.

After lining up the legs and arms I just put a wide magnet on each connecting point. I even went ahead and magnetized the legs to the base. Don't know what purpose that serves, but heck, since I'm on it, I might as well overdo it ;)

It stands surprisingly straight even without extra supporting pins. That's because the legs are in an angle so that the natural slipperyness (even a word? ;) ) of the magnets don't matter.

Next the hardest part: Trying to add the weapon with the hands.Whoever came up with this design, should be ashamed. Needing 4 points to be attached that are dependent on each other. Good luck trying to get a sturdy end result.



  1. Umm... Why, exactly, are you magnetising Scaverous? For transportation?

  2. That's one reason. 2nd is, I've had so many models breaking while gaming. 3rd is, I just want to see how far I can go with magnets :)


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