Saturday, May 5, 2012

Legion of everblight: Mangled metal


It's a really nice feeling to finally get the warpack you ordered so long ago... only to notice that the same warpack is being re-released in plastic resin. Oh well.

The Legion of Everbligh warpack (metal one!) is not that bad to assemble if it wasn't for the big dude, Carnivean. I almost felt that the peaces are not from the right kit, so hard it was to try and fit them together.
Lot of drilling, cutting, pinning, green stuffing, gap filling... phew. I  did manage it though.

The spikes (?) on the arms. Pinned and green stuffed.

Arms: Pinned together through the torso and gaps filled with green stuff.

Final peace with basing done with Vallejo Sandy paste and some cork and coarse and fine sand. The sandy paste is really good basing material. Easy to work with.


pLylyth with a corky base.

Them shredders. Basing in progress. And boy were they small... Makes it harder to assemble when there's not that much room for pins.

To go with the starter pack I got a Strider Deathstalker. I really like this model. It somehow feels just right and in proportion. Need to get one more ASAP.

Aaand the Striders. While assembling them I managed to cut a good chunk of flesh loose of my finger. Those arms are so small to work with...

Next step for the lot: priming and painting.


  1. Just went through the same pinning and greenstuffing routine a week ago on my own blog. Looks like a good job there!

    The Striders look really cool… hmm, can I last until payday?

  2. Yes, I remember reading that and laughing when I looked at my desk :) Likewise a good job there. 

    * Goes on to work on the Cryx plastic helljack kit *


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