Friday, April 27, 2012

Dark eldar venom: weathered and finished


I managed to finish up the details, weathering and varnishing of them venoms.

For the scratched paint and sponged on the edge highlight color (VMC Orange red) and some VGC Stonewall gray. The exhaust openings and the engine tips I airbrushed with some black to give it a dirtier and oilier look.

Then I went about giving the model a fairly liberal treatment of different pigments from Vallejo and Secret weapon. I chose some rusty and earthy colors as well as some metallic pigment for the paint scratches. I sealed all with airbrushed alcohol.

Then it was just a matter of varnishing them. As you can see I didn't put on the gunner (or the passenger minis) on the platform there. I tend to like the gaming minis practical and the platform is reserved for the mini / marker of the passengers inside.

This was a fairly quick project considering the time constraints and my back problems. I did want to keep them simple but yet good looking. I enjoyed it nevertheless.

Enjoy the pics.



  1. Love how smooth the colour gradation on the canopy is. Is that with an airbrush?

  2. Yep. It indeed is. 

  3. Looks really great man!

  4. Thanks. I do like them myself as well even though I kept it rather simple.

  5. Looks awesome, the color and details really come together.


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