Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Dark eldar venom: Painting part #2


Continuing with them venoms. It was time for the brush work next.

First up: the panel lines. Here I tried oil colors for the first time. With a gloss varnish on the models applying a really thinned down black oil color is a really effective way to make panel lines. The color just draws right
 into the crevices. I think it's called the capillary effect in English(correct me with the spelling if I'm wrong here).

I just went through every line in the hull and cleaned it afterwards with a make-up tool soaked in the oil color thinner.

Next I went around the lines and highlighted them with VMC orange red to crisp up the edges.

The gems (I think they are those:) ) on the hull were painted green with the following colors on the wet palette:

  • VGC black
  • GW dark angels green
  • VMC lime green
  • VGC white
The wet palette is an excellent tool for keeping the paint wet and mixing the intermediary shades.

I just went over the gem with different shades trying to produce a gem effect on it.

The pure white dots was added as a glare on the gem.

I washed all the metal parts with heavy body black wash (Les's recipe) to have some depth to them. Gonna have to paint on the details next.

Aaand I also managed to wash a crap load of minis for assembly and painting :) I'm actually postponing my dark eldar painting since I've got a gaming day next Monday, playing Warmachine, Hordes, Infinity and Malifaux. Gotta assemble some f I want to have at least decent models on the field.

I'll try to take some pics from the session as I also got the Worldworks Games terrain as well :)

Does anybody have a tutorial / instructions on how to paint the canopy glass glares / reflections, I'd be more than happy :)



  1. That oil colour trick is something I haven't heard before. Very interesting, I may have to steal that!

  2. Please go ahead :) I found it here:


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