Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Dark eldar venom: Preparing and magnetizing


I ordered three Dark eldar Venoms the other day. We're having a gaming weekend this spring so I need to prepare my deldar for the task ahead.

First step was to prepare and magnetize them. I have a few rules when to magnetize a model:

  1. It has swappable bits (usually weapons)
  2. It has weapons that can be destroyed in game
  3. It has a skimmer / flyer base
  4. Transporting issues with complex models
Sometimes there's a #5 rule which is fun factor. Magnetizing is just so much fun :)

With the venom there's not a whole lot to magnetize, but the usuals are in:

  • Skimmer base
  • Guns
Magnets used (from the top):
  1. 4 x 2 mm (5/32 x 5/64 inch)
  2. 4 x 1 mm (5/32 x 5/128 inch)
  3. 3,2 x 1,6 mm (1/8 x1/16 inch)
  4. 1,6 x 0,7 mm (1/16 x 1/32 inch)
The exact sizes don't really matter. What matters is that the magnet is roughly the right size and shape and you have the right drill bits for them. Yours truly has been ordering magnets from US and using Finnish drill bits... 

I really didn't like the new approach GW has come up with the model attachment to the skimmer base. I guess it's a bit better than in the old deldar vehicles but still the socket for the ball point is going to wear out and  most likely will not be attaching to the base anymore. So here's what I did:

The lower magnet for the base here is the #1 on the list. That one slid right in being a perfect fit. The upper one is for the TL splinter rifle / splinter cannon mount. I had to drill open the cannon mount as it was square shape.

The base and and the stick. The #3 magnet was the best for this. I was aiming for a low profile and the same diameter as the stick as it would be the sturdiest solution. If this is not enough I have to find a better way to attach the magnet here. Only playtesting will tell.

Here's the splinter cannon for the bottom mount. I've already knifed the square peg away.

And the #2 magnet to go. Low profile with a wide diameter. This weapon will get shot off :)

The top mounted splinter cannon and the bit it attaches itself to (top photo). I really hate these flimsy structures GW comes up with sometimes.

I widened the hole to fit a #3 magnet in. I couldn't use a the smallest magnet here on both because the force wasn't enough to hold the cannon properly in place. Magnet #4 was just glued to the end of the cannon mount which again was glued in place. I like my models sturdy :)

And here's the end result. I kept the parts still separate and trying to use as much of my trusty airbrush as possible. Assembling will follow afterwards.

Hope you enjoyed my come back blog post :)


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  1. Petteri PalomäkiMarch 6, 2012 at 12:02 PM

    Looking good! Nice to see you back on track indeed. 


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