Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Dark eldar venom: Painting part #1


So, gotta put some paint on the three venoms. I'm assembling them once I'm done painting all the different parts so that it's easier for me to use the airbrush.

First is the priming. Hull and the canopy glass got Vallejo grey primer and the jet engines, gun and parts that are generally metal I primed in Vallejo black.

I decided to go for red as my has a green and red colour theme going. Before the red paint I preshaded them with black, which I unfortunately don't have any images of. It's basically lining / covering all the panels and shadowy areas with black. The base coat will show hint of that black through.

I went with VMA fire red for the base and VMA hull red (mixed with fire red) for the shading afterwards.

It can't be easily seen, but the images below has the shading done on bits that have more shadows when drawing the light directly from the top. Again this is not really accurate work. Just what makes the model look good is enough :)

The metals got airbrushed with VMA silver. Not sure if it too bright so I might need to tone it down somehow later on.

The canopy has VMA dark green as base. Then VMA white for the lower part and GW dark angels green for the top part. The very top also has some VMA black added for the darker lining. I tried to create a sort of like a reflection here with the gradient. I'm going to be adding some glare to it later on.

Below a WIP shot at this stage. I covered the hulls with Vallejo gloss varnish to protect and to make the panel lining a bit easier.

And that's the airbrush part done. Next up: panel lining, metals and details.

Hop you enjoyed. Cheers!

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  1. Nice, i really need to buy airbrush some day. 


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