Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Basing: necrosurgeon, stitch thralls and pistol wraith


They're almost done! Still need to make the base ring and apply a coat of varnish...

and that's it.

So I started to finish up the bases. They were primed in black (long time ago :)) and on top of that I applied a brown and grey mix of the Liquitex acrylic paints which were thinned down with water. The mixtures are just different shades of brown and grey. Can't give you the exact ratios but you get the picture.

Once I applied the base colors (couple layers) I washed the bases with GW Devlan mud (brown) and GW Badab black (brown and grey washes just to give it some depth.

After it was dried with a blow drier (makes a huge difference in time spent) I made lighter shades of the same colors and dry brushed it on the bases. The brown also got a light dry brush with GW Bleached bone.

And voilà! I had bases to put the minis on. Because the cork is fragile and cannot hold the weight of the metal minis I pinned them onto the bases. Some of these photos has the static grass applied already.


Stitch thralls:

Below I tried to make a pool of necrotite with Vallejo still water mixed with old GW green ink. Let's see how it turns out since it has to set for 24 hours before I can apply a second layer with yellow ink on it.

And the pistol wraith.

Now for the base rings and varnish and they're done!


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