Monday, November 7, 2011

Still here


Just to let you know that I'm alive :)

I've been suffering from a lack of inspiration for hobby related stuff and at the same time World of Tanks and Dark Souls have been eating my free time.

I think I'll be recharged for more painting and modeling soonish.



  1.  Everyone needs a break from the hobby once in a while, hell I had one that lasted nearly 15 years! Although I don't recommend quite that long, your paint pots will be drier than a Necron joke. ;o)

  2. ya think that there has been a lot of ppl in the same place man. im one of them that lost it a bit to, iv been looking at some super nice work on the net and PP forum

    that guy gave me a big boost now to fix my army and some old work that i have after me. 

  3. Bix: Lol. Nice one :)
    Muffin: Sheesh, those are awesome.

    Building up... building up.

  4. if you want some adult company in WoT, join us. K-18 and finnish speakers only.

  5. Sorry Tommi, but I'm already in a clan (not much activity there though)... Usually I just do the doubles and run in a platoon with couple of friends.

    But thanks for the tip. If I ever need a change I'll give you guys ring :)


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