Monday, October 3, 2011

New stuff and project updates coming soon


Got new additions to my toy soldier armies and finally had time to actually make some progress with the current  minis on the painting table. I'll be posting the WIP shots later once I'm done with the images.

But to the new stuff:
Infinity is here! Yes.

I've only tested Infinity in the Vassal client but this week I got a friend coming over so we can test drive the rules on a real table. Got the PanOceania starter pack as my initial starting point. Just need to open the box and assemble and prime them so that I can field them :)


Bile Thralls. Beware of the almighty purge!

Necrotech and scrap thrall. Was lacking this essential addition. Not anymore.

Yay. The Malice upgrade kit. I can start working on the Helljack kit now. Trying to magnetize so I have all the options with the kit (Slayer, Reaper, Corruptor, Erebus and Malice).

Then the pGaspy.

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