Tuesday, October 4, 2011

BB Ogre WIP update #2


For some reason I just couldn't decide the color scheme I wanted to go for. In the end I just picked the blue for the pants and started painting. Let's see how he turns out. As usual, the paints are pretty well thinned to have a good flow. I use a flow aid and (distilled) water mix in 1:10 ratio.

So, I managed to put some paint on the pants and the leather bits. For the pants I used VMC dark sea blue as the base coat. The highlights were layered on top in the following order

  • 1st: 50:50 mix of dark sea blue and VMC flat blue
  • 2nd: flat blue
  • 3rd: flat blue with a touch of white

I think they turned out pretty ok.

For the leather I went with the layering technique again starting with VGC charred brown and the highlights being

  • 1st: 50:50 mix of charred brown and VGC leather brown
  • 2nd: leather brown
  • 3rd: leather brown lightened with white
I also deepened the shadows by adding some black to charred brown and applying that to the recesses and underside.

I also started the boots with different shades of grey layered and then applied a GW badab black wash straight from the pot. I was aiming for a black leather look. Hope it'll turn out ok.

Don't really know yet how to finish him off but I'm sure I'll think of something. Suggestions are welcome though :)


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