Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Wow, that was fast. We have a winner!


I opened up my blog this morning and found out that there were 102 followers on the list. Nice :)
That also meant that I picked the winner for the Dreadknight.

Here is the result.

*** Drum Roll ***

Winner of the first ever Pain, Tin and Stuff giveaway is

Mark Harris

He was the #64 on the list and that's what the showed me this morning.

Congratulations Mark. I'll drop you an email for the details.

Note: If for some reason I can't get in touch with him, I'll rerun the raffle with the same list.

Cheers and thank you all. Who knows what'll happen when the blog reaches 200. Keep reading :)


  1. big gz to him <3 

  2. Thanks Janzki. After 32 years on this grim planet I've fianlly won something. Yaaay! I'll be sure to paint it up soon for my blog.

  3. You're welcome mate :) Enjoy your new Dreadknight.

    I'll be following how it turns out. 


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