Monday, September 5, 2011

Show your workstation

Just thought I'd post mine. I got a really good space in the cellar to which I moved to after my son was born and my hobby room was given to him. I still need to work on the shelves and the layout. Currently the paints are in a container on the floor which is no way an ideal place.

Just wondering are some people actually that clean or do they just clean up their desk prior to taking pictures. I know mine's a real mess :)


Airbrush station, in different room near window


  1. wow man, that is a dream come true for me. You liv in a houes no ?
    any how that is a nice works space, btw did you se my deathrippers ? 

  2. Thanks. Yeah we live in a detached house which has perks when it comes to space :) 

    Nope, haven't seen them yet. I haven't been active blogwise during the weekend,. Heading over there now.

  3. Here you go ...

    Show you my new set-up, soon :)

    Keep up the good work


  4. There yer go, as promised ...



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