Monday, September 19, 2011

New stuff, little update and a raffle giveaway


I haven't been able to put too much hours into the current projects due to work and other things. I think sometimes one just has to prioritize, I guess. Anyway, keep reading since I've got a little something for all you followers :)

First, new boxes with plastic dudesmen.

Space wolves terminators. I only own few of the old metal ones on a small base, so this is a mighty fine addition to my pups. The coolest thing is the options on the sprues, I can really make a number of different options from here with magnets, as I've done with the old ones.

Then the grey knight dreadknight.

 As you noticed I haven't oppened it yet...

Then the update on the terrain:

I started the sanding with thinned down glue premixes in a bottle. I tell you, this really helps the application process. Just squeeze some glue / water mix out of the bottle and spread it out with basically any flat tool.

 After sanding:

Then to the painting. I didn't want to waste the paint in the small bottles so I went ahead and got some Liquitex acrylic paints from a general store. These work fine when you thin them down enough.

Word of advice though: if you're going to use these, don't try to shoot them with your airbrush. 100% clogging guaranteed :)

I basecoated the whole thing with black.

Then the ground. I started with the brown with a little hint of white added to make it a bit lighter. This was dry brushed liberally on to the base. Then I just kept adding white and applied it with more and more gentle sweeps the lighter the color got. Next up the stone, small rocks and grass.

As some of you may have noticed some of the bloggers give away stuff once they reach a nice round number with the followers (or some other reason). Well I don't want to be an exception.

This is my appreciation for all you people who read my blog. I've got far more readers and page views (22 000+) in half a year than I ever would've imagined. THANK YOU all.

I'm having a raffle once my follower count reaches 100. All you have to do is, be a follower. Just click the "Join this site" if you already aren't following and you'll get a shot at getting the:

Grey Knight Nemesis Dreadknight. 

That's right. It can be yours.

I'll be using's generator to pick one lucky winner after 100 followers mark is breached. Yes, that means that even if it goes over before I pick the winner everybody will have a shot at it.

Well... except my wife :) Even if she is a follower I'm sure she'd be more than happy to see this one go to someone else.



  1. I'm looking forward to seeing that stone terrain finished =) Looks good so far!

    Hmmm a free Dreadknight could be interesting addition to my Inquisition.. Where's mi lucky charms!?!

  2. That's right my darling, I won't be participating :-)

  3. Hehe... Come to think of it, I really need to get to 101 followers :P

  4. I've been following for a couple of weeks, never remembered to click that join button. That free dreadknight was a good reminder. ;)


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