Monday, September 5, 2011

The dice arrived just the other day...

...they came to me in the usual way...

By mail. 

My wife's already asking what's with all these parcels you're getting. When it comes to the hobby one can't just have too much of... well, anything ;) 

These are the dice I ordered from Kirby @ the 3++ is the new the new black. 18 x 16 mm dice with pink + black scheme and a black dice bag. Looking nice. 

You can go ahead and order yourself some although it seems he's ran out of bags at the moment.


  1. Dry practice yes. Real situation no. Sadly.
    And since your question was somewhat suggestive, do I need to worry here? :)

  2. If you ever want to get serious about dice, the only dice brand I can recommend is Gamescience.
    For the explanation: part 1 part 2

    For buying:
    9 US dollars for a set of 12, delivered to your door.

  3. Tommi, thanks for the tip. After watching the vids I'm definately gonna give them a try. 


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