Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Terrain making WIP


** EDIT**
Added a pic of the other bits I finished at the bottom.

Thought I'd give a shot at making some terrain. I got loads of foam from a friend who was doing some renovating. There can only be one use for a wargamer for it :)

First the tools:

Hot wire cutter and a sharp heavy duty blade for the foam shaping. A saw and a file for cutting and smoothing up the base board.

Good ol' Dremel tool for the grinding. Never ever take this baby out without wearing safety glasses. I did at first. I had a too small sanding tool attached and it broke off flying to the tangent direction at the speed of light. Luckily it just hit the roof of my garage. After that I was a nice boy and went inside the house to get my protective eye wear.

Hot glue gun. This just makes life so much easier when gluing stuff together.

And then the terrain I was going to make. As always I had no clue what I was going to make before I started. After a while this was what I ended up with.

The bases. 

A sort of a rocky formation is the first bit I finished. I still have to work on it since my wife kindly pointed out that it's too monotonous in regards of the shapes of the rocks. I also managed not to take proper photos of the others. Stay tuned for more.



  1. Trevor BettencourtAugust 23, 2011 at 11:11 AM

    Your wife has a good eye. It always helps to get the other half involved. I love making terrain and will follow your series to see how it turns out. Good luck!

  2. She sure does :) I regularly try to get a non-war-gamer-opinion from her. Sometimes I'm just too stubborn with my own ideas and ways of doing things. She really helps too see things from a different perspective.

    Hopefully I'll get to work on the terrain soon.

  3. I like the way the rocks are coming out. Pretty damn cool.

  4. Looking good. There's never too much blogposts about terrain. Can't wait to see more. 


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