Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Stitch thralls: update


The stitch thralls have also progressed somewhat. Some of the images have been shot while they were still wet, so they might look a bit glossy.

For the priming I wanted to try different priming techniques with them and see what difference they make when painting them and what are the end results like.

All of them were done with an airbrush. One got a black priming with grey sprayed from above to bring out the details. The same I used with the surgeon. Next are full black and full grey. I used the Vallejo acrylic polyurethane primers. It's good stuff although a model might need a couple thin of layers.

I started with the grey one. The skin recipe is the same as with the surgeon. I started painting thin layers from shadows to highlights.

At this point I have all the highlights done.

The above too images have the first wash on them. I used the soft body black wash for just the recesses trying to bring out the details on the mini. I also started to deepen the shadows with darker shades but I think I still need to up them a notch. But the wash clearly brings out the highlights more.

The one with black and grey is receiving the same skin treatment as the first one. At this point I only have the first coat on.

With the black on I'm trying a different approach. I base coated it with GW rotting flesh (2-3 thin coats). The body parts sticking out from the bag were done with VMC basic skin tone (IIRC). Then it was given the same wash as the 1st one.

As you can see, I'm not advancing in any structured manner with these three models. With the limited time available I'm just painting the parts I feel like at the moment. So please bare with me :)


  1. I like the purple in them, that colour is just so awsome and works so well to make some driffrent typ of shadows. 

  2. Indeed. I too really like the purple shading. Just have to make it deep enough.


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