Thursday, August 4, 2011

Space wolves: long fangs


I'm trying to post an overview of both my armies, space pups and dark eldar, here eventually. Yes, even the ones I painted 20 years ago. These models I finished up about a half a year ago so they're not that 'bad'. I still have to fix the original metal long fangs which still have the 90's paints on them.

These are a mix of a space marine devastator squad and space wolves battle box minis with scout missile launchers. You know... long fangs eat, sleep and drink (occasionally shoot) missiles launchers :)

I'm fairly happy with them overall and especially how the lenses turned out. Mind you, they don't have that much contrast. The reason being these were the first marine minis to get an airbrush treatment with the base colors and I was too lazy to try and correct that afterwards.

Apologies for the kind of boring setup in the pictures. I had just finished my home made photo box and  I just took a bunch of pics with them standing still the whole time.


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