Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Pistol Wraith WIP


Pistol wraith is getting progress as well. I found out that the mini is somewhat hard to paint since it's hard to tell what is actually all that stuff under the coat. A skirt perharps? :) If someone has an idea I'd be glad to hear it.

I was thinking about applying a sort of an ghostly glow to it since it's incorporeal in game terms. I'm just having a hard time figuring out how to make it happen. Maybe just highlight to a very light color and then give it a glaze of bluish color for the glow effect. Anyone got a tip for this?

So the story so far is... I base coated the whole mini first.

The coat: VGC Orange Brown (a couple of layers)
Scarfs: VGC Falcon Turquoise
Sleeves and the collar peace: VGC Beasty Brown
Gun: Black and VGC Charred Brown
Bone: VGC Bone White

Then I applied a liberal wash of GW Devlan Mud to the whole mini except the gun's metal parts. That really toned all the bright colors nicely.

Next up: Shading and highlights.



  1. Maybe the stuff under the coat is the stuff PP's ghosts seem to be made of? I mean, the half-corporeal Blackbanes Ghost Pirates have some weird swirly stuff going on...

    I think I painted my pistol wraiths same swirlywhirly thingy same color I painted the coat with.

  2. Could be. I'm too gonna go with same color as the coat. Saves me a head ache :)


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