Friday, August 26, 2011

New stuff


Got some new stuff from the mailman!

First the Advance Deployment markers. These will come in handy. I, Especially like the wreck markers since now I can stand a model on one and the look way cool. The store was nice to send a couple of dice and those front arc markers. I doubt the front arc thingies will see much use, but still a nice gesture to add some extra stuff.

In case you can't see the text on the measuring widget (green in the middle), it says: "For the Dragonfather" :)
Customization FTW.

And then the Maelstrom Games package. Got the Erebus upgrade kit and Scaveruos. I'm still waiting for the  Malice upgrade kit to arrive so I can start working on the Helljack kit + these upgrades. Gonna be fun with magnets.

Scavvy seems to be a fairly large model on a medium base (mildly put). Let's see how he turns out.

After the current painting is finished I'm going to start assembling the stuff I have in the queue box.



  1. that is some sweet ass toys you got there man. I still haven got my stuff from mealstom think my mail man is pisst =(. 

    but the Erebus stuff in metal, in my mind they where in resin haha now i get the prices tag on them. and that is also on caster that id like to get my self. 

    things that i on the way are a surgent, slayer kit and shadow combin. will be nice ones i get them.

  2. Please let us know once you get something done on the new models.


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