Monday, August 8, 2011

Necrosurgeon: painting skin


Necrosurgeon is getting paint on. Somehow I'm really loving this model :)

I'm aiming for zenithal highlighting here again. I really love that technique as it is relatively easy and produces really good looking minis.

First step was to prime it. I used my trusty airbrush and applied Vallejo acrylic polyurethane black primer followed by a coat grey primer from above to make the details stand out more. The base got the black priming treatment as well.

I thought about continuing with the airbrush, but then again the model is quite small and I really wanted to do more with brushes this time. So... next up the skin: 2:1 mix of VMA interior green and barley grey was applied on the whole skin area. The airbrush line is somewhat runny because it's designed for airbrush, so I added a bit of matte medium to have more control over it. I tried to keep it thin enough to keep the shadows created by the priming visible.

For the shadows and recesses I added some VMC royal purple to the base color mix.

For the first highlighs I mixed VMA interior green and VMA duck egg green in 1:1 ratio, again adding some matte medium there.

Second highlight was pure duck egg green only on the most raised areas. It helps to look the model from top down and look for the areas that are visible from that angle.

The some soft body black washing (Les Bursley's recipe again). I wanted to pop out the cuts and stitch marks on the skin and I figured this would do the trick.

Next I have to clean up the wash and apply the last highlight.


Edit: Is it me but is her head out of focus in every photo? Apologies.

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