Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Necrosurgeon and stitch thralls, pistol wraith: update


My summer vacation is now over and what a summer it's been. Statistically it was the hottest July in 20 something years here in Finland. Hopefully I can advance my projects on the painting table now a bit more, now that it's gotten colder (normalised) again  :) Above image has all the current minis I'm working on now and from now on I'm separating them here in the blog. 

And without a further ado, here's the Warmachine necrosurgeon, stitch thralls and a pistol wraith.

For these models I'm trying a new approach with the bases. Every single mini I've done in the past has had the base glued in before the painting. This time however I tried to make the bases to stand out a bit more. So I went and got me some cork matt and I ripped bits of various sizes and super glued them on the base. I also pinned the models for attaching them on the bases once I'm finished with all of them.

After gluing in the cork bits I sanded the bases and put in some different size rocks. I really like how they turned out. However, I am really not sure if they're going to look good after paining but we'll see. It's sort of like an experiment as I've never done it before. For the images I just put the minis on their bases except the pistol wraith who wouldn't want to stay up. So yes, these images are taken before the pinning.

Still wondering where I should put the little arm for the surgeon... Can't seem to find a good spot for it.

If you guys have any suggestions for using cork I'd be happy hear them :)



  1. Another good source of cork for bases is wine bottles. The cork in them can be crafted to more uneven and higher pieces for the bases. The figs look good, can't wait to see some paint on them.


  2. Thanks for the tip. I actually used them as rocks when basing Denny ( ). But I only used it for the small rocks and not actually the base itself.


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