Thursday, August 4, 2011

Fixing Lelith Hesperax


So Lelith... 

I should've returned the damned model to GW.  My GS skills were nowhere near doing the small detail work to fix all the parts on it. So I just did the ones I knew I could do. The spikes (read: Finecast tubes) were impossible. I just went ahead and cut the malformed ones off on the leg.

However this one was a good practice for green stuffing. I mixed green stuff and milliput in 1:1 ratio together to make it easier to sculpt the little details. I got the tip for the mixing from a fellow Finnish blogger Okkiw ( who commented on Furinji's post at

I started with just filling all the bubble holes in the mini and smoothing them out. 

First was the hair. It was a pain to do since there just a little of room to actually attach the putty to. Couldn't make the tip really sharp but overall I think it came out alright though.

This was the easy part. Filling the large hole there on the pelvis.

The left hand had a thumb missing so I sculpted it as well. Could've been better but it's alright I guess.

I have done some GS sculpting before but working with this level of small detail really requires steady hands and good nerves. And time.

I wish that after all this I can really give this mini a good paint job. Otherwise it feels just a complete waste of time and money.



  1. That's a shame it was so flawed, but good recovery work!

  2. Thanks. But I still feel that I shouldn't have been so forgiving on the model in the first place. Well, it taught me not to touch the Finecat until they've perfected the process.

  3. Missing a thumb? That's so wrong. Nice work man. 

  4. How did you like working with GS/Milliput stuff?

  5. It was mmm... different. Especially the tiny details are much easier to do, since it does not require the same amount of pressure to mold the mix into the wanted shape. 

    And it produces smoother finish as well. With GS it's hard to make the edges disappear without giving a good sand paper treatment.


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