Monday, August 15, 2011

Blood bowl: Wood Elves

Wardancers and catchers

So it's another trip down the memory lane. Not so long this time though. I painted this team around about 8 years ago. The end result is much better than with the dark elves but still there's a lot of room for improvements. For example this was the first time I was painting red and white... and it looks like that too.

Anyway I'm fairly happy how they turned out. They even won a best painted team at one tournament which I think told more about the painting quality of other teams than my painting skills at the time :)

Enjoy the photos.


Line elves
Thrower and line elves


  1. Your level of painting was impressive even 8 years ago. The red and white look good and the faces even more so!

  2. Thanks for the courtesy :)


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