Friday, August 12, 2011

Blood bowl: Dark Elves

Line elves

Thought I'd post... well Furinji actually asked in one comment to post photos of my current Blood Bowl teams.

So, here are the Dark Elves.

I dug them up from their storage and noticed that I haven't even finished them all. In fact I have couple models that are only primed. I think I have to Finnish (pun!) these up someday.

This was my first Blood Bowl team I bought after I was first introduced to it in 1994. That was when GW launched the 3rd edition of the game. The paint job is, well, the kind of result one would expect from a rookie miniature painter as I had started the hobby a bit earlier with the 2nd edition 40k and space wolves.

They have seen their fair share of pitch action and hopefully I get to field them in a table top game in a near future.

Enjoy ;)

Witch elves and blitzers

Throwers and line elves

Line elves and a blitzer


  1. These bring back memories. And hey they look better than my first Blood Bowl team. I too started at the time of the 2nd edition of 40K.

  2. Hehe, they did that for me too :) It's been ages since I last time looked at them. Wood elves to follow soon.


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