Wednesday, August 3, 2011

BB ogre: waiting for the paint job

So after a looong hiatus of painting a Blood Bowl model, here's one: The Ogre. I think I ordered this something like 10 years ago for just the painting, since I don't own a team that has an ogre in their rosters. So far I have wood elves, dark elves, norse (unpainted) and khemri (unpainted).
This particular model took a while to pin properly. It's quite heavy so I wanted to make sure it would stay in one peace no matter what. I pinned the legs to the base, torso to the legs and head + both hands to the torso. Additionally I added a small amount of greenstuff between the joins and superglued them together. Should probably survive a small stomp from my son :)

The spiky shoulder pads were left unpinned, but after a good amount of greenstuff  and superglue they're firmly in place. After that it was just a matter of filling the gaps with Vallejo Plastic Putty (excellent stuff I say!) and clean the leftover bits after it dried.

Last time I painted a single model this big, not including vehicles, was back in the 90's when I painted my space wolves Bjorn the Fellhanded. Let's see how this goes ;)



  1. Nice. Can't wait to see it painted. It would be nice to see your old BB-teams too. 

  2. Task added. Will take proper pictures asap and post them here. Seeing them up close makes me shiver though... especially the darkies are one of my earliest minis I painted :)

  3. Dark elves are up:


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