Thursday, August 11, 2011

BB Ogre: Painting Skin


I started the skin for the ogre. This time I used the airbrush cause I wanted try it out for some more detailed work.

Paints used (all airbrushed):
  • Priming: Vallejo Acrylic Polyurethane Black Primer
  • Base coat: 1:3 VMC Royal Purple and  VMC Dark Flesh
  • First highlight: added VMC Basic Skin Tone to the previous mix (until the result is was lighter)
  • Second highligh: add VMC Light Flesh to the mix (again checking the end result)
  • Final highlight: VMC Light Flesh with a couple of drops of VMA White 
I use a mix of Vallejo Airbrush Cleaner and Vallejo Thinner (4:1) to dilute the paints for airbrushing. The amount depends on the paint I use. Some require less and some more.

Base coat

The base coat was applied evenly on the skin. The highlights were sprayed on from top of the mini to achieve a zenithal highlight. I tried to be really careful not to cover the base coat entirely as it would provide nice shadows. My expertise with airbrushes is not that great so I had to experiment with the pressure and the  paint consistency. And doing so I clogged up the airbrush a couple of times really good. 

I'm missing photos of the first highlight step here (I guess) because I was cleaning the airbrush and forgot to take them. And also noticed that I forgot to file down those shoulder pads... Damn.

Anyway, next step for this one is fix all the mistakes I made and tone the skin with washes.


Edit: Here's a few new images I took while shooting the Blood Bowl teams. I switched back to my trusty Nikon too. Much better quality (Ok.. They were shot in a photo box, but still).


  1. Nice start, what colours you using for the uniform?

  2. Haven't decided on them yet. I'm making stuff up as I go along :) 


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