Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Acquired: Lich Lord Terminus


I just had to buy this beast because it was just too cheap @ Boostep. There was a slight glitch though since I ordered it at the end of June.
They mailed it two weeks after that and I never got the notice that it had arrived at my local post office. Apparently Boostep has an agreement with the Finnish post that they're not sending the notices of package arrival via mail anymore but with a text message. 

I haven't given my phone number to Boostep.

So. There it sat and I was wondering why the hell it's taking so long and gave the retailer a call and they just told me that I have one day left to pick it up until it ships back to them... I was in a kind of a hurry to get it :)

Anyway. This caster is properly huge. 

It comes tightly packed with all (a lot) the little peaces neatly in their containers.

The bits laid out. I think I'm going to try and magnetize this one. Otherwise transporting him will be somewhat difficult. Although I don't really know if magnets will be an option. Have to look into it once I get to the assembling.

In the meantime... Sadly there's only one place to put him and that's the To-Do-Box.


Oh, and on a sidenote I received this yesterday :)

The following items from your order were dispatched:

    Q Item                                    
    1 Cryx Erebus Upgrade Kit                  
    1 Cryx Lord Exhumator Scaverous             

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