Thursday, June 16, 2011

Painting mechanithralls: work in progress


Little progress yet again: Some details on the skin and the green glow plus the base done. Only the front arc marking on the base rim and some minor detail left to do. Deneghra is getting some paint on as well and I'm hoping to finish her with the McThralls.

On a side note... Ordered my first Hordes minis, the Legion of Everblight warpack. Can't wait to get my hands on those. They should be somewhat different to paint.

But anyway, enjoy the WIP shots. Sorry about the inconsistency with the colors and light. It's difficult to setup decent pics on the painting table.



  1. Thanks. The muscles have a pink base followed by a Baal Red wash. That didn't produce the desired effect tho, so I took the advice from Von (, comments) and mixed the red wash with some Charred Brown.

    I also added some (albeit not enough) gloss varnish trying to make them 'pop out'. I'm going to try to add that gloss finish after I'm done with the matt varnish.

  2. where can i find the pigment you pop on there metal ? i love that old look and what im told, it is easy to do it as well. 

    muffin ^^ 

  3. That's a combo of two home made washes. I picked up the recipe from Les: (1:48, rust wash). 1:10:1 parts of VGC Beasty Brown : Water+Flow Aid : Alcohol
    1st wash: instead of Beasty Brown I used the old Citadel Rust Brown ink.2:nd wash: as in the originalI think that using these two gave the models some variation.This is my go-to recipe for rust if I'm not using pigments.

  4. I think I used Finlandia Vodka as the alcohol part :)

  5. aa ok les old vid on how to make washes, good stuff in there. I think that my koskin korva is out now =(  need to get more now then. thx a lot for the fast reply m8 

    muffin ^^ 

  6. Hey, I should be the one thanking you here. It's always nice to get some commenting going on. So: Thanks :)

    And the good thing is that the recipe uses just a tiny amount of it so you can enjoy the rest yourself. :D


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