Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Lelith Hesperax: Unboxing and inspection part 2

Heya peeps,

Got the replacement Lelith yesterday and looked through the model closely last night.
Here are the results:

At first the model looks the good (like the previous one) and I did try to look for the same faults in the GW store already. The model looked better. Below are some comparison shots with the old picture on the left and  photos of the new model on the right (or top / bottom if the two images can't fit side by side).

OMG bubbles! Well, they're again at the bottom of the base so no real worries here. Less of them anyway.

The bubble holes on her bottom have disappeared. Cosmetic surgery?

Her right foot seems to be a bit better as well. Although the toes are still somewhat mangled.

The hair is the one thing that's a lot better. The end tip is still missing some finecast resin.

I think the arms were in better condition in the first one. Here one spike is missing she'll have to make do with just two of them. Also the amount of flash was considerably larger with the new Lelith. It's easy to clean up with the finecast being such a soft material. Just scrape with the exacto knife and give it a good blow.

Ok, here's my biggest concern. The so-called-spikes on her left leg. Since when spike equals tube? This is somehow the case in almost all of the bits like spikes, the curls of the hair... The missing bit forms a concave area on the rest of the material. It's probably due the attributes of the finecast resin. Can't really think of them being because of bubbles... Someone wiser could give me an insight on the matter here. 

Oh ad there is a fairly big chunk (yes, CHUNK) of resin missing on her right pelvis. Sorry for a missing a photo of it, but it was kinda late when I took these :) 

So, the verdict? 

I'm going to stick with her this time. I know it's far from being in a good condition. The quality of the GW Finecast is nowhere near the metal (or plastic for that matter) minis. The details could be there, if there was anything to form the details. But I'm still too eager to paint her and can't be bothered to wait for another one.

I'm going to try and give this one a green stuff treatment but as for the Finecast in general... Not buying the products. Not until the manufacturing process and the quality control is up to the standards of what GW used to have.

Good thing I bought the Archon and Urien as metal versions :)

Signing out.

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