Monday, June 20, 2011

Lelith "Finecast" Hesperax: Unboxing

So... I decided to try out the GW Finecast products and I wanted to paint something for my dark eldar. So I walked into the local GW store here in Helsinki. The range isn't huge for DE yet and I really didn't want to buy a whole unit so the choice came down to Urien, Archon and Lelith Hesperax. As I have the first two the choice was obvious.
She set me back for 15€... Sheesh. Been a while since I bought anything directly from GW and now I remember why. Oh well. I did want to get my hands on the model quickly so ordering from Maelstrom wasn't an option.

At a glance at the store the model seemed to look OK. I asked them how much returns they've had with the Finecast. They had to admit that quite a lot.

The Lelith's mini looks really good. The sculpt and the pose are both awesome. And the details really seem crispier than with the metal minis (which I doubted).

The model comes in a sprue (!) and it's light. I mean really light. The Finecast has also a kind of rubbery feeling to it. It's bendy and when you cut it, it doesn't snap but kind of runs through the material. Mind you, be careful with the knife as it cuts to the material like a hot knife to butter.

Really nice to work with. And work is what the model would have needed...

Lelith comes with 2 options for the left arm
After a mode detailed inspection, the model is definately not in prime condition.

There is some flash, not a problem.
Hardly any mold lines, which is always good.

But but. It's miscast...

The rocky base she's standing on is full of bubbles and areas where the Fineacast resin hasn't pulled to. They're mostly on the bottom side but still they ruin the edge of the rock.

More bubbles sighted. The bubbles would've been quite easy to fix but that's not why I bought the mini in the first place. I really want to just clean it a get painting.
Lelith's toes are malformed beyond my skills to repair. Would probably take a surgery to get them right.
Last but not least. Her hair. There's a visible gap on the upper part of the hair where the mold line runs (makes me thing if it is a mold line at all), the tips of the curls are completely missing and the details (hooks?) are ruined.

Someone probably would have taken this as a challenge, but not me. This one's definitely not a keeper not with it's current price tag. Be it a lot cheaper and I kind of would have understood. Returning it to the store today. Let's see if the next one's in better form.


The store didn't have the same model on the shelf so I have to wait for a replacement. Sigh.

Picked up the new Lelith today. Let's see how it's gonna fair in the inspection...


  1. Interesting. Sad but interesting. Thanks mate :D

  2. I keep seeing similar posts and threads like this. It's supposed to be a premium product, but the horrendous QC makes it anything but.

  3. Colin, yep. One would think someone would notice those kind of flaws. Makes me think if they've done it deliberately, just to get more products on the market.


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