Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Deneghra and McThralls: Marking the front arcs


McThralls and Denny nudged a good part closer to finish. Managed to paint the front arcs onto the bases. I had a bit of a struggle how to mask the bases and the parts on the minis for airbrush work. Here's how I did it. If someone has a different solution, please comment away.
I decided to use blu-tack. The point was to have a quick way of masking the base edge properly.

I started with flattening a ball of blu-tack on the table. Yes, table... I don't know what I was thinking since I'm a proud owner of a few cutting mats :P Anyway, I used an empty base to push to model the inner circle on the tack.

Then I proceeded with cutting the blu-tack (carefully, table...!) following the edge and dividing it in approximately equal parts. It doesn't really matter to be too precise since you can work with the tack afterwards.

Masking tape was applied to the base leaving enough excess to protect the model. Never mind the sprue bits there... They just happened to be there.

Then I applied the blu-tack.

Some refining to make it smoother along the edges. I used clay shapers for this but any other small enough tool will suffice (yes, even exacto knifes blunt edge).

Ready for the airbrush treatment. Denny is not shown here. She got a bit more masking tape because of having more extruding edges in the model.

I used these Vallejo Model Air paints straight from the bottle. Dark green for the whole length of the front arc to create a nice base. Then I applied a VMA Dark Yellow about 30% length from the edges. Final touch up was done with VMA Yellow with just a tiny bit on the edges. The yellow was a pain to apply. It had very watery quality to it and I had to really lower the PSI to get a smooth end result. Must be the pigment separating and drying... I don't know.

Has anyone had similar problems? Especially with yellows... I had two bottles of VGC yellows dry on me already.

Ready for the final touch ups, static grass and varnishing.



  1. love the arc you did on them, flippen ace. I will be a dick and ninja this from you and do the same thing for my models. Hope that is ok for ya m8 ^^ 

    keep em coming, love to se the stuff you do.


  2. Hey muffin,
    Ninja away :) I originally got the idea from:

    I used that as a base and tried to add some oomph! to it :)

  3. that is ace, will try and get it done later on to day.


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