Monday, May 30, 2011

50+ Followers and McThralls on the table

Hey everybody. Been a while since I checked things around here. And what a nice surprise it was! 52 persons following my blog...

Thank you all for reading these little hobby update articles. I keep trying to provide the painting reports of whatever is on the table at the moment.

Today it is the McThralls yet again. I did manage a nice heap of hours of painting the other day and got pretty far with them. The metal parts are pretty much done as well as the bone and entrails. Still need some work on the gashes and the muscle parts showing through. A good start but I think it's still too pink. After I've put the matt varnish on, I'll have to come up with a good blood mix (with gloss varsnish to make it pop) and add that to the cuts and muscles for some fresh bleeding effect.

Anybody have a good tip for that blood mix?

I worked on the skin with various glazes and washes ranging from different shades of red to purple. The armor was basecoated with GW Bolt Gun Metal and afterwards washed with GW Badab Black and a home made rust wash. First coat of the rust wash wash old Citadel Ink Rust Brown mixed with flow aid mix and alcohol. However that was nowhere nearly enough so a I needed another one. 2nd wash was almost the same but instead of that ink I used VGC Beasty Brown. The end result was achieved highlighting the armor with the basecoat color.

The the flesh got a mix of GW Blood Red and VGC Pale Flesh producing a nice pinkish tone and few washes of GW Baal Red wash. As I said I still need to work on that.

The guts I wanted to stand out a little with a green tone. The base is VGC Goblin Green followed by a GW Thraka Green Wash. That was highlighted with GW Rotting Flesh.

Enjoy the WIP photos.



  1. I tend to mix a little dark brown (something akin to Citadel Scorched Brown) into my blood to take that pinkish tinge off it.  You might also try a sort of indigo (Vallejo Stormy Blue?) to richen the colour but keep it looking cold and dead.  Haven't tried the latter yet though.

  2. Thanks Von, will give them a try.

  3. Congrats on 52 mate, by the way amazing minis, the skin is amazing.

  4. Thanks danny. I too like how the skin turned out :)


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