Thursday, April 14, 2011

Varnished and finished!

Yay for me! Finally the jacks are done and I'm ready to start something else. Next time I won't be doing 4 jacks at the same time. It sure is a lot of work for someone who can only put so many hours into the hobby anyway.

On that note: Big thank you to my dear wife, who is not a wargamer nor into the hobby but still copes with me and my little toy soldiers. Love you.

The final work included painting the front arc. I masked the rest of the base rim and airbrushed the green (can't remember which green it was) color on the front side. I also airbrushed them with matt varnish. Ready for gaming!

Here are the pics. Over and out.

Back arc showing.


Teeth up!


  1. Love your jack! what kind of varnish do you use? I´m struggle to find a varnish that´s practicly invisible and your looks fine.

  2. Thanks. I'm too fairly happy with them, although I lost a bit of interest towards the end.

    I use Vallejo's Matt Varnish diluted with distilled water to about 1:1 ratio. Has worked wonders.

  3. And appy it with a brush? I have always used sprayvarnish, maybe that´s very my problem is...

  4. Nope, not with a brush. I apply it with an airbrush which provides the smooth finish (if used correctly).

  5. Very nice weathering on the 'jacks. I also use vajello varnish watered down with an airbrush. It works perfectly.

  6. Thanks! Now I know what´s on top of my wishlist, an air brush!:)

  7. Welcome to the club :)

  8. They look great!

    Love you too...

  9. Awwww... /me blushes


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