Thursday, April 7, 2011

Slowly progressing with warjacks

Haven't had much time for painting since I had a couple of games of Warmachine with my Cryx and we've been busy with our campaign games with Vassal. Anyway managed to squeeze in an hour or two so here are the WIPs.

Group photo. Defiler, 2 Deathrippers and Slayer.

The bone parts are now done. I used GW Dheneb Stone as base washed with thinned down GW Devlan Mud. The highlights are done with VGC Bone White for the first layer and gradually adding VGC Dead White to it for the next layers. Highlight colors were thinned with Vallejo Glaze Medium. They weren't exactly glazed on but the medium helped with the smoother transitions.

Defiler up close.
I did however notice that the highlights came out too bright so I washed the bones afterwards with 1 part of Devlan Mud to 3 or 4 parts of the Glaze Medium.

I also started the base. Not much done there. Just a very thin coat of VGC Charred Brown. Next I'm going to wash the base with a darkish wash and the start picking out the stones. See how that goes.

Also a note to self: Always check the white balance settings on the camera before taking photos :)


Must remember to paint the exhaust shutes :)

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