Friday, April 15, 2011

New stuff from the mail man

Hey all.

I've been using the Liquitex Flow Aid with water to thin down my paints but the Glazing Medium is brand new product for me. Gonna try it out in the following projects.

I haven't found a place that sells them here in Finland so I ordered them from

Does anybody have any sort of experience with the glazing medium?


  1. nop, never used it, I use flow aid to thin, and I use matte medium in my own washes, but not the glaze medium, is it another thinning medium?

  2. Since Liquitex website is down is from some art store:

    "Creates a surface with great depth and transcluence. This jewel-like glaze offers superior wet clarity so as to minimize wet-to-dry color shift and dries to a high gloss finish."

    So the obvious use would be glazing, I think :) The high gloss part suggests that a good coat of matt varnish to seal is needed.

  3. Tell us your experiences of them as soon as you have tried them!:) I saw by exident that they are located in Sweden, 30min from my home:)


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