Sunday, April 3, 2011

Cryx warjacks: project update

Phew. Managed to put in two painting sessions today.
Group shot

Achievements in the session #2:

  • Washed the armor parts with Soft Body Black
  • Selective wash on the metal bits with a rust wash (this is also from mr. Bursley can't recall where I picked that up)
    • 1 part of VGC Beasty Brown
    • 10 parts of Liquitex Flow aid and distilled water (1:10)
    • 1 part of alcohol 
  • Highlighted the gold with semi dry VMA Gold (need to get a new one)
  • First ever attempt on OSL (Object source lighting)
  • Found out the cause of the too-yellow-gold = flash (turned off in these pics)
Next steps include the bones, basing and maybe some pigment weathering. I'm still pondering if I should do the last one. Never tried pigments before so I might ruin the models... We'll see. 

Anybody got a good tip to how to attach magnets to the bottom of the cork? I've tried super glue and hot glue... So far they keep dropping randomly.

Until next time.


  1. If the cork keeps breaking apart, then perhaps you could try letting it soak for a while in diluted PVA glue or so first? The idea is to impregnate the porous cork and hopefully stabilize it, so that it'll be strong enough to hold the magnet once the PVA glue has set. Otherwise you could try gluing the magnet to some other object, which is in turn glued onto/into the cork, to increase the contact area that the cork holds on to.

  2. The cork breaking up is not the problem.
    I'll give the latter suggestion a try. Thanks for the tip.

  3. Wow.. Looks really good so far

  4. Awesome job with the rust! Really wonderful work.

  5. Thanks for the comments :)
    Working on the bone at the moment. Then it's on to the bases.


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