Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Space Wolf Predator


Didn't manage much with the current projects. Just primed the Cryx minis and as there's really no point in posting the pics so I decided to show some of my earlier work here.

This Space Wolves predator was painted last summer and it was the first big model which I practiced using my airbrush with (also acquired last summer). Big models are so much easier to paint with an airbrush. I did try to use different techniques with it including color modulation and zenithal highlighting but I didn't quite succeed in them.

I learned a lot from the masters out there. Go check these out (if you already haven't):


They also have other techniques besides airbrushing: weathering, brush, etc.

Back shot. Not overly happy with the edge highlights as they came out a bit
heavy (especially on the sponson lascannons). 

The interior was base coated with black followed by 2 shades of grey
(can't really remember which) drybrushed. The radar got a GW Dark Angel Green
base coat and VGC Jade Green detail work. After that it was washed
with GW Thraka Green wash.

For the rust / dirt effect I used different shades of brown put on with a
blister pack foam. The tracks were given a liberal wash of old
GW Rust Brown ink thinned with a 1:10 mixture of Liquitex Flow Aid and
distilled water.

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