Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Received a package today

Strange package was waiting for me at the dining table when I arrived from work. I've been eagerly waiting for a certain parcel to arrive. Was this the one?

Indeed it was :) Package contents: 3 plastic toy soldiers. I took the knife and cut the packaging tape off.

Wait... what the hell? So now I'm a proud owner of... ice cream?!?

Ok, let's dig deeper. Yep. Unboxing the Blue Bunny.

3 suspects wrapped tightly.

And yes. Here they are. Safely arrived despite the long trip of at least 6600km. One sword tip is missing but according to Black Matt that bit fell off during the trip from the table to the Blue Bunny Land. I'll fix that. Otherwise they look as dangerous and deadly as they should. I especially love the basing. Less is more, less is more... should try that more often myself.

Now... the question is: do I want to do something to them? I'm kinda itching to get my hands (and the Dremel tool :) ) on these. And probably strip the paint too to match the SW army a bit better.

Black Matt, would you mind if take them apart? I promise to put them back together :) And many thanks again dude. This was amazing :)


  1. My man, no I don't mind what you do with your own property

  2. My man, no I don't mind what you do with your own property

  3. Just checking if you had any sentimental connections left with with them :)


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