Thursday, March 24, 2011

Cryx jacks rusting

The next stage of the Warmachine Cryx project has started. I'm gonna try a new weathering technique with these guys. It's involves painting the rust first and the covering it with hairspray and salt. Then I'll paint the jacks with their base color and after that's dry I'll wash the salt off with warm water. I almost ruined the minis with old white spray paint. It was so thick coming out that it made splotches on the minis' surface. I had to resort to a light grey color. 

Note to self: Always shake the cans! Then shake some more! Then test, test and test before applying.

As I told you already this is a new technique for me so I'm eager to see how this turns out. I'm trying to follow the tutorials at Massive Voodoo and Painting Corps.

Below are pictures of the priming & rust painting.

Warjacks primed with black & hint of white spray paint.

Jacks after the rust treatment. All were varying mixes of VGC Beasty Brown,
VGEO Heavy Red, VMA Khaki Brown, VMA Sand Yellow and VMA Black.
These were applied with an airbrush.
The paints I used. The Model Air colors can be user straight from the
dropper bottle, but the Game colors need to be diluted. Especially the Heavy Red.
For thinning I use an about 2:8 ratio of Vallejo Thinner and Vallejo Airbrush Cleaner.

Primed Slayer

Slayer close up.

Bonejacks up close.

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