Monday, March 21, 2011

Cryx helljack contents and Deneghra basing

Finally got myself to take the pics of the Cryx helljack box. As always with Privateer Press' minis parts were neatly packed in a plastic bag with different compartments for the different parts (torso + legs, shoulders, heads, Corruptor, Slayer and Reaper weapon load outs). There were some mold lines and flash on the parts but nothing really bad. The kit of course included the cards and one base.

I'll probably get to building this after I'm finished with the 3 bonejacks, Slayer and Deneghra from the battle box.

Box opened + my desk full of stuff on the background.

Box contents laid out.

Deneghra's base done. Milliput used for plugging the gap followed
by some cork rocks and sand on top of glue.

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