Thursday, March 17, 2011

Cryx building up

Last year me and my friend decided to have a go at Warmachine and what a delightful surprise it was. The game is so much different from 40k. Me likes.

Anyway... Choosing the faction to go for wasn't that hard as I saw the minis in the rulebook. Cryx models were by far the coolest looking things. Adding to that is the style of play (close combat, cunning, debuffing) which I liked very much as well.

I bought the starter box which included the warwitch Deneghra, Slayer helljack and the bonejacks Defiler and 2 Deathrippers. Here' are some WIP shots of the Cryx faction project.

Slayer helljack posing.

I magnetised the head and the arms (from shoulder and elbow)
which allows me to use different helljack loadouts with the same body.

Deathripper bonejack. Broke the leg during assebly so I had to pin it and fix it with greenstuff.

With bonejacks I magnetizeed the head.

Warwitch Deneghra as is.
What do you think? Comments wellcome :)

More progress to follow. 


  1. Looking good. Welcome to the blogsphere!

  2. Thanks. It never occurred to me that there's plenty of Finnish hobby blogs around. Gonna check them asap :)


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