Saturday, March 19, 2011

5 Space Wolves done

I finally managed to finish off these five models that have been sitting on my desk for ages. I started these on November last year... phew. Ok, I still have to put on some varnish but paint job is finished.

I think I just wasn't happy with them and went back and redid a lot of details. After looking at the minis for couple of months on the desk, I just grabbed myself from the neck and just put it all together in one evening.
Like the quote on the blog header... I didn't really have a plan with these but somehow ended up where I needed to be. 

The individual mini pics are taken before painting the base rim. Click pictures to enlarge. 
From left to right: grey hunter w/ ccw & meltagun, long fang with multimelta,
wolf guard / gh with bolter & power fist,gh with bolter,
wg (battle leader) with wolf claw & storm shield.
Top part of the model is a space marine biker captain. Legs are from 
the space wolves a battle force box. 
Those melta guns are hard to find :)

WG battle leader for a campaign army.
Long fang with multi melta. Almost missed that
wolf pelt under the weapon.

WG with power fist. The gold turned out quite nice. 3:1 mix of VGC 
Beasty Brown and VGC Glorious Gold base color followed by the same
gold on the raised surfaces. Final highlights are done with VMA Gold.


  1. Very nice mate. I am more of a fan of the blue/grey Wolves but these all look excellent.

  2. Thanks. I used to paint them in the blue grey scheme but I think it was so 90's so I switched to the grey one instead :)

  3. beauties... care to go into describing the painting process a bit more? I love this grey scheme, but what paints were used and in what order? :)


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